13th June 2019, Thursday,10 AM:

Its lazy morning for me!! I am half awake since 6 A.M. but I choose to stay in bed for 4 hours, just trying to develop a love relation between my mind and my body. My body is much more disciplined than my mind. My body is all set on its usual times, but my minds distract the agility of my body and ask it to be lazy for a while.

I have just appeared for both groups for CA Intermediate June 2019 exams and is in a  bewildered state where I don’t know what to do after my CA  Intermediate exams? My CA Intermediate result will be out till 31st July 2019, and I have got 1 and half month with me. My attitude after CA exams will either help me to grow or will waste all my days just dozing off on the bed.

During my exams, I daily swore to myself that I will at least sleep for continuous 7 days after exams get over, but to my amaze, I was not able to lay on my bed beyond 7 A.M. of very next day. I was being restless on my lazy bed.

I walked out of bed and grab my mug of coffee with a cookie and newspaper. I am not the one who reads the newspaper daily, but, I have heard a lot of people advising me that reading newspaper daily is a good habit to be aware of the current scenario.

I made up my mind to keep an attitude of incubating some good habits in me.

(Read it further to know whatever they are!!)

27th June 2019 Thursday, 2019

1. Reading.

It is one among them. I read the newspaper, books, journals. and articles, anything that was hands on to me during my daily activities.

I could see that I can now understand the meaning and context of whatever is written and said.

I could understand what our Finance minister Arun Jaitley and Piyush Goyal, (who was taking additional charges since May 2018) were stating in their speeches. I have developed a reading habit and it helped not only in making me aware of current affairs but also has developed my interest in economics and corporate laws subjects which were a nightmare to me.

2. Communicating.

Communication with strangers, friends, elderly people was one among various thing, I tend to shy away. But with an attitude to use the holidays after Intermediate exams in the best possible way, I open up myself for conversations. I must say when you are aware of current affairs and you understand the matter, you are more confident and can easily talk among groups and other people.

3. Presentation Skills.

These skills are not only important while submitting answers, but it is also important in your day to day life to have the right influence on the people you come across. In my regime to develop good habits, I took efforts over personal grooming and how effectively I can elaborate on my presence and thoughts. Watching speeches, reading financial report and articles, attending seminars and conferences is an effective way to develop your presentation skills. I also enrolled myself for ICITSS training organised by ICAI.

4. Developing New Skills.

A key to success. It is proven success mantra to remain a learner throughout your life. I joined classes to learn to work on the Tally, as it is widely used software among accountant. Using the right technology is the smart work which needs to be possessed by all my friends as it is the best way to increase our productivity.

I  am not technology savvy, but I took a deep interest in learning the software like Tally, SAC, Intuit Quickbooks, which were major tools to help me do my work as an accountant effectively.

This is not complete yet. Read more and don’t miss out the important thing I have to say.

Apart from the said good habits, I have always maintained a healthy routine and kept myself calm and happy.

But I did all this because I evaluated my answers with the help of my teachers and books and concluded that I may pass in both groups of my June 2019 Intermediate exams.

But what if you have given only a single group exam or you are not confident about your CA Intermediate result.

In both, the cases what remains common among us is the right attitude.

You should not be disheartened but stay positive and focused.

If you have just given a single group exam and it is your first attempt then you should start preparing for your another group.

Group 1: Accounting, Cost Accounting & Financial Management, Taxation papers

Group 2: Advanced Accounting, Financial Management and Economics for Finance papers need lots of practice, hence you should start preparing yourself or with some good coachings, soon after your exams get over.

If you are not confident about your result, then you should start preparing for the next attempt, with proper guidance over your weak subjects.

If the last attempt was not first or third, then you should certainly look at your reading pattern and take some professional advice on your weak subjects.

It is important to finish ICITSS training before commencing Articleship, hence we can use this time to finish this training which is scheduled for 15 days  6 hours daily. They charge Rs 6500 for the course.

I believe the right attitude wins half the battle. It is my request to all my friend to keep a positive attitude after your  CA Intermediate exams get over. I am not sure about what CA Intermediate result of June 2019 store for you, but with the attitude, I have shared with you, will surely bring positive changes in your life.

Wish you all the best for the future!

Keep yourself healthy and Sanguine…